Thursday, 1 August 2013

Working at Pimoroni

In July I spent a week doing work experience at Pimoroni. In this week I learnt many things like laser cutting, using a pick and place machine and much more.

I found the week that I spent there to be very useful and interesting, as well as learning many new skills. Throughout my time being there I felt very welcome and would like to thank all of the staff there for their help and endless encouragement. On top of this at the end of the week I was very kindly given a bag with Raspberry Pi products/accessories in it. Complete with a Raspberry Pi and a Pi Bow with my name engraved on it alongside a prototype of the Pi Glow.

I can't say thanks enough to Paul and everyone at pimoroni for looking after me and teaching me so much during my week placement. You guys are the best, Thankyou!

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