Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sheffield Maker Day

On the 9th of November a Maker Day took place at Sheffield Hallam University. I went along with the Sheffield Hackers and Makers user group.
I brought along my Pursa
Mendel but I also ran the Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers Mendel 90. Although my purse Mendel is not yet complete (but close to being though!) I still brought it along to show to people.

The Mendel 90 was being driven by a Raspberry Pi. The Pi had print run installed on it, this way I had full control over the printer just as I would if I was using a desk top computer. The printer was printing a small android fridge magnet test pice. The slicer settings still needed setting up on the Pi but I still ran a G code file on it.

The Mendel 90 being driven by a Raspberry Pi
The collection of 3D printers the group had on display
The Printer Printing
The Raspberry Pi

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